The Haunt - 2020


***These 2020 dates are subject to change***

*** We will continue to post updates as the pandemic progresses. Stay current by following the Facebook Page***

The Haunt is open every weekend in October. Opening night will be Fri, October 2nd, and the final night will be Sat, Oct 31st.

Ticket price for Friday & Saturday night is $20.00 per person. That includes the 15 acre Haunted Corn Maze, Tractor Ride to and from, and the Haunted House. The first tractor leaves around dusk (about 7:00p - 7:30p ... the darker, the better), and the last tractor is around 10pm. (This may change as we get busier) 

You can stay warm by the bonfire or get some goodies from the concession stand.

We do not set an age limit for the haunt... We leave that up to the parents. However, we have a No Refund policy if they "chicken out". (This was abused in the past)

$3.00 Off coupons will be available at the Beacon, in the Butler Eagle newspaper, or you can print yourself by clicking the link below.

Food and beverages are available for purchase. (Hot dogs, hamburgers, hot sausage, walking tacos, nachos, water, pop, gatorade, hot chocolate, apple cider, and beer - with a valid ID... Just to name a few)

Come out to see us !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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No Scare Sundays: Oct 4th & 11th

NO SCARE Family Days

1pm to 4pm


Tickets are $10.00 for adults & kids over 5.


Children 5 & under are $8.00. Perfect for smaller children (and fraidy cats). Walk the maze to get tickets for candy & prizes, have fun with the animals at the petting zoo, and the kids get a pony/horse ride... All included! 

Book / Reserve your kids parties as soon as possible! Call for details.

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ATTENTION, ANYONE WANTING TO WORK THE HAUNT: The safety meetings are held on Sunday, September 13th and Thursday, September 17th


Please see our Facebook or check for updates. If you want to work, you MUST attend one of the meetings. 
Veterans & new actors .... We can't wait to see you!!!


Actors will work each weekend and receive a BONUS at the end of the season if you work all nights! 

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